Enhance the learning experience by digitising your classroom with our all new Smart Board & Smart Panel set-up.


Dependable Hardware with warranty

Content created to suit every learner in the classroom

Inexhaustible list of tools at the teacher’s fingertips

100% syllabus mapped content

Unlimited Teachers training

Full Implementation & Maintenance


Built for breakthroughs

Crystal clear visuals, immersive sound, a seamless interface, and fluid writing are just a few reasons why smart panel & board is loved by teachers and students alike.

Easily access tools and apps

The Unified Menu is accessible from both sides of the screen and the main console, so teachers can move seamlessly between content and resources without disrupting their lesson’s flow. Favorite apps, tools, and files can be conveniently stored in the menu’s Locker.

Write naturally and confidently

Our exclusive writing technology offers highly accurate touch detection that delivers a natural writing experience. Teachers and students can write quickly and accurately without disruption using a pen or their fingers

Discover new ways to engage

The smart panel & board comes with a variety of preloaded teaching tools that appear with a touch of a button. Capture and crop images; draw and annotate over content; and add excitement to any activity with the Spinner and Timer.

Create an infinite canvas

With the Teaching App, you can instantly turn your interactive display into a blank canvas without limits. Draw and write freely without worrying about running out of space, and save your work so you never lose a great idea.

Mirror screens and share work

Connecting devices to mirror to the panel is quick and easy. Teachers can move freely around the classroom or interact with a connected device directly from the panel itself. Up to Multiple devices can connect to a session, with a teacher able to choose up to four devices to share content simultaneously.

Educators Tools

The Educators Tools is a collaborative lesson delivery software for interactive displays. Known and loved by educators around the world, it provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons


Given below are the details for the various Hardware setup

Hardware Components

Smart Panel

(Available in 65, 75 & 86 inch)

Smart Board

One E-Interactive Unit ­✓ ­✓
Inbuilt Computer System External Computer
Inbuilt Audio-visual Speakers External Audio
Lockable Teacher’s Cabinet Not Required
Requisite Electrical Fittings
Short Throw Projector Inbuilt Display
Projector Cabinet Not Required
Android & Windows OS Windows
Teacher’s Training

E-learning Software

Content created to not only make teaching effective & interactive but also learning engaging. A learning experience that will make children fall in love with learning and thus, learn not just for exams, but for life.

Multimedia & Multi lingual content

Quizzes, Activities & Worksheets

Games & Simulation

Whiteboard with teacher tools

Tailor-made content

White-labelled solution

AMC & Training

We believe in equipping our teachers with unlimited training on how to use the products to ensure a smooth learning curve. We will be adding an image explaining the AMC offerings.

End-To-End Management

End-to-end management takes care of services from beginning to end and delivers a complete functional solution, without needing to deal with a third party.

How We Do It?

Step 1


Get in touch with us and schedule a free demo click here

Step 2

Requirement understanding

  • After the demo, the team would understand your requirements to the design the perfect solution.
  • We may have to make a visit to the classroom to understand better the existing infrastructure.
  • We will share various proposals with the institute after checking hardware, software options.
  • Proposals types include one-time purchases or EMI models for easy decision making.

Step 3

Financial Planning and discussion

After the proposals are shared the team meets with the decision makers to discuss the various financial proposals and a win-win proposal is worked out that benefits both organizations

Step 4


Any setup roughly takes us 3-4 weeks of implementation time depending on the requirements. Our team takes care of everything right from survey to implementation and is done in a systematic form. Visit the Gallery click here to view some of our installations