Let’s spark DICE (Design Thinking, Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship) & foster a deep interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) in children & young minds.


Comprehensive end to end setup

Grade wise curriculum from KG-12

Encourages creative & lateral thinking

Well-researched 5D model (See, Touch, Feel, Perform & Understand)

Includes unique pedagogy practices

Frequent updates & Easy accessibility

Unlimited Teachers training

Full Implementation & Maintenance

Incorporating New Education Policy 2020

Services & Programs

Robotics & Coding

With parents keen to inculcate and develop their childrens analytical and thinking skills, the innovation lab is focused on providing solutions like Robotics kits and coding that focus on the future. We provide hardware, learning material, LMS, and teachers’ training. All of the above can be provided as a package or individually as well depending on the requirements.

Young Entrepreneurs Program

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies; it is a skill set and a way of thinking. It is a perfect vehicle to help students, develop a mind-set and ‘heart set’ that they can use for a lifetime, no matter what they choose to become. We provide hardware, learning materials, and teachers’ training for the same.

Financial Literacy Program

Financial literacy for kids is the knowledge, skills and motivation that will best prepare children to achieve their personal financial and life goals. Kids pick up information starting at a young age and it’s crucial to turn pivotal moments into key opportunities for moulding positive financial behaviours. We provide hardware, learning materials, and teachers’ training for the same.

3D Printing

3D printing provides kids with an insight to think beyond all boundaries of imagination and liberates them to create something unique and amazing. It’s an asset that can revolutionize the technological finesse and innovative spirit of budding students.

AI & Machine Learning

Students will step into the all immersive world of Augmented and Virtual Reality. They will learn how to merge the real and virtual world which gives them unlimited potential in creating the next Jurassic Park. It will equip them with the tools needed to succeed in a dynamic world and inculcate industry ready skills.


We live in an amazingly high-tech world, surrounded by electronic gizmos and gadgets. Because our lives are so infused with electronics, children can greatly benefit by learning more about them. Through our tutorials and kits, we want to help make the world of electronics as accessible as possible.

Design Thinking

Leading companies in the world, like Apple and Google are banking on it for innovative solutions. Design thinking is a unique approach that allows kids to focus on a “solution-based” technique to solve real world problems.

How We Do It?

Step 1


Get in touch with us and schedule a free demo click here

Step 2

Requirement understanding

  • After the demo, the team would understand your requirements to the design the perfect solution.
  • We may have to make a visit to the classroom to understand better the existing infrastructure.
  • We will share various proposals with the institute after checking hardware, software options.
  • Proposals types include one-time purchases or EMI models for easy decision making.

Step 3

Financial Planning and discussion

After the proposals are shared the team meets with the decision makers to discuss the various financial proposals and a win-win proposal is worked out that benefits both organizations

Step 4


Any setup roughly takes us 3-4 weeks of implementation time depending on the requirements. Our team takes care of everything right from survey to implementation and is done in a systematic form. Visit the Gallery click here to view some of our installations